Capital Needs Assessment (CNA)

Capital Real Estate Consultants provides the services you need to accurately and thoroughly complete a Capital Needs Assessment report for your property. Our clear and concise reports provide our clients with current needs assessments (both rehab and critical), as well as detailed future expenditure assessments for up to 20 years. CNAs are inspections performed by experienced professionals who document the current condition of all major building components and organize this data into a detailed report. These reports are a way for owners, developers, government institutions and lenders to understand the future capital expenditures facing their real estate over the next twenty years.

Capital Needs Assessment

Capital Real Estate Consultants Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) is our signature product and provides an extensive analysis of building systems, recommendations for specific improvements, and funding estimates for long term maintenance. Our associates inspect major building systems, examine the entire site (exterior, interior, systems), analyze remaining economic life of all significant building components, and estimate repair and reserve requirements for your property by year.

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